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October 31, 2020

Is Rowling's “Troubled Blood” Transphobic?

Activists aren't wrong that some of Rowling's values are reflected in her latest book. They're wrong that there's any transphobia whatsoever.
August 31, 2020

The Bookstore That Gave Up Five Decades of Principles To Be Woke

Tattered Cover was committed to free expression and the free marketplace of ideas for almost 50 years, but peer pressure and a Twitter pile-on led them to betray their core values.
July 27, 2020

Racism, Resignations, and Expired Hand Sanitizer at the Free Library of Philadelphia

A group of black employees at the Free Library of Philadelphia released an open letter that reignited a long-simmering debate over diversity and racism. Over the course of one tumultuous month, that debate resulted in the resignation of the library's director of twelve years.
July 8, 2020

The Open Letter Situation Shows What a Mess We're In

The scornful response from the left should raise grave concerns about the future of free speech and open debate.
July 6, 2020

The Harry Potter Fandom Can't Erase J.K. Rowling

No matter how hard people try, they can never erase J.K. Rowling from the world of her own creation.
June 27, 2020

Book Twitter is a Cancel-Culture Nightmare

Twitter is not a happy place to begin with, but Book Twitter gives “toxic” a whole new meaning.